Tuition & Financing, Student Experience & Careers at University of London in 2021

Tuition & Financing at University of London

The total cost of the program for 2020/21 ranges from £ 10,693 to £ 15,990 * depending on geographic location. You will not be billed in advance for the entire title. Instead, Pay As You Go – Every time you take a module, you’ll only pay tuition for that module. If you need to take time off, you will not be billed for that time.

* Total indicative amounts are for web-based students, reflecting average annual fee increases only, provided students have completed their qualification in a very short time with no withdrawals and prior learning accreditation (which requires additional fees). The exam center fees are considered an additional cost. Visit the University of London website for more information.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Please Note: All tuition fees listed are net of local sales tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), or other sales taxes that the student will have to pay in their country of residence. If the university needs to add sales tax, sales tax, or any other sales tax to the local statutory rate, it will be added to the rates displayed during the checkout process. For UK based students, our fees are exempt from VAT.

Financial help
Information on potential funding sources and scholarships is updated annually and as available. The information is available on the program’s website. Click here for more information.

Tuition reimbursement: Students are asked to apply for a tuition reimbursement through their employer. We encourage you to speak to your manager or HR department to find out what is available to you as an employee.

We are not approved for funding GI Bill, FAFSA, and Sallie Mae loans. This is due to the flexibility of our degrees (distance learning / online) and the information criteria used by these institutions.

For more information on how to finance your degree, please visit the Degrees Financial Resource Center

Student experience

Learning materials
Once registered, access a variety of learning resources and materials on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices through a virtual learning environment. This learning platform is provided by Coursera, one of the world’s leading MOOC providers.

Online help
Get access to your student portal when you register. You will then be able to access your University of London email account and two other important resources:

The virtual learning environment (VLE). Here you can access electronic copies of all printed study materials, resources including audiovisual media, and forums to discuss course materials and collaborate with others.
Access to academic assistance and feedback from London-based support teams. Tutors present modules, answer questions, supervise discussions, and give directions on assessments. Use engaging and interactive study materials such as videos, quizzes, and online games to measure your personal progress.
The assessment for this degree includes coursework, portfolios, and written tests. Your final grade for each module will be based on a weighting of these assessments (eg, 50% of course work, 50% of exams). You can take the exams at any of our world-renowned centers. More about exams.

Via University of London on ukonlinedegreecolleges

UK works with leading universities to offer the best online degrees in the world.

The BSc CS program is developed and taught entirely by the same faculty that teaches on the University of London campus. The University of London uses Coursera’s online education platform to deliver the program’s syllabus, so that BSc CS students can benefit from Coursera features such as interactive video transcription, note-taking in the course and multi-device learning seamlessly.

Coursera titles are based on technology that allows you to study on your schedule and on the device of your choice. Courses consist of modules that can be completed on the go or other short free time. Courses include supplemental reading, video lectures, assignments, and discussion forums to help you connect with your peers.

Students collaborate on group projects using Zoom and Slack, and can access teachers during office hours live. The faculties are practical and interactive in classes and projects.

Career results

The BSc Computer Science helps you to develop broadly applicable computer skills with pronounced programming and mathematics skills as well as extensive skills in project management, in effective presentations and in teamwork. Graduate with a portfolio of work to be presented to potential employers. Depending on the path you choose, you can focus on certain areas of interest such as machine learning, web development, data science, and video games.

The explosive and ever-growing use of technology in business and commerce means computer graduates have a variety of different career opportunities. The IT sector is way ahead of most other industrial and commercial sectors in terms of employment opportunities and salaries.

The BSc Computer Science allows you to apply for a range of computational and math jobs in the creative industries, business, finance, education, medicine, engineering, and science. Typical job titles are:

Application programmer
Mobile app developer
Web developer
Video game developer
Film special effects and post production
Computer music / sound engineer
Interface designer
Systems analyst
Database manager
I am interested in a career in the media. How will this degree work for me?
“Unlike traditional music / film / media degrees where students learn how to use tools to manipulate media, this degree teaches you how to create your own tools for working with media. You will gain a much deeper, applied technical understanding of digital media and have the opportunity to work creatively with media. “Dr. Matthew Yee-King, program director

Career services
The University of London understands the importance of improving employability. To ensure that students and graduates are outstanding competitors in today’s highly competitive job market, we offer our students around the world global learning opportunities in reputable organizations and career support from experts.

The University of London works with The Careers Group to provide tailored career resources, advice and support to our global student community. Our excellent insight and understanding of what employers are looking for in potential employees is reflected in our approach, which uses a mix of practical skills and self-reflective exercises to enable students to achieve their career goals.

The University of London offers a range of online resources including video tutorials on how to write a great resume and conduct good interviews, as well as live webinars asking you to identify and reflect on your skills. Certain programs offer the option of personal career advice.


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