Stop pouring empty encomiums, address the issues raised Odumakin, Gbadamosi says Buhari, Tinubu

Stop pouring empty encomiums, address the issues raised Odumakin, Gbadamosi says Buhari, Tinubu – 

Candidate of the PDP – and the elected member of the Senate of the eastern region of Lagos in 2020. year Babatunde Gbadamosi asked the politicians to stop pour” empty praise ” the late activist and a columnist for the Incas Odumakin.

Gbadamosi said that instead pays tribute to the late vokalnom activist and politicians, including the president, general major Muhammad Bukhari (retd.); All progressive leaders of the Congress, Paul Tinubu; the President of the Senate, Ahmad Lavan; speaker home, Femi Gbagabiamila; they have to solve questions that raises the late Odumakin.

Gbadamosi, who is also a candidate for the gubernatorial elections 2019 in the state of Lagos, said in an exclusive interview with The PUNCH on Monday.

Panch reported that Odumakin, who was a spokesman for the Pan Joruba group, Afenifere, died Saturday at the hospital for training at the University of Covid isolation center in Lagos.

The late representative Avenira Gbadamosi described him as a great asset Nigeria and humanity.

He said: “Mr. Odumakin was a great source of inspiration for those of us who are younger in terms of nigerian puzzles and in terms of how to correctly put Joruba case in nigerijsku riddle. Unfortunately, for all of us, God has decided that it is enough that affected us, he gave us enough self and it’s time that the others wear bat. I’m going to miss him. That was a big asset for Nigeria and for all humanity, but especially for Joruba people. Everyone will miss you.”


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Leader of the NDP-and also expressed his sympathy to the wife of the late activist, mrs. Jo Oki Udomakin, adding that they will now have to speak for myself and my late husband in issues management.

“His beautiful wife is still with us and needless to say, is a very strong voice in her right when it comes to human rights issues. I’m not saying that lady. Odumakin wear shoes my husband, but now I will speak for myself and my late husband, ” he said.

Gbadamosa attacked politicians praising Afenifer’s late representative, saying he would call Odumakin’s post “hypocritical.”:

“If they really want to pay tribute to him, they must solve the problems he raised, in addition, only to succeed in a bottle of empty praise that anyone would ever call Mr. Trump’s hypocrisy.

“They (politicians) must address the issues of true democracy, injustice, inequality, kirvautyun, fraud of the civil service, manipulation of the process, corruption in the entire political and administrative process in Nigeria. These were the things he fought before he died . He fought for the throne all his life, but the democracy he fought for is now broken, some people who are now coming out, to do it, ” he said . :

In 1997, Odumakin married the same human rights fighter as John, and his voice was heard during the dismal years of the military dictatorship:

Odumakin was instrumental in the National Democratic Coalition, which fought against the regime of the late Military Head of State General Sani Abachi after the June 12, 1993 elections were annulled:

As afenifer’s representative, Odumakin stubbornly defended the rights of the Yoruba and the people of the southwestern geopolitical region.

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