What makes me a complete artiste –Jbwai

What makes me a complete artiste –Jbwai-Cameroon afrobeat and afropop artiste, Jbwai, has said he is a ‘complete’ actor. In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he elaborated on what made him say himself like this. He said, “I consider myself a perfect actor. I started as a dancer and I have an understanding of different aspects of the music industry. My sport influences my music through classical afrobeat vibes with a special effect. I also have a lot of modern influences and practices that make my voice ‘fall’ apart from market thinking. My video is classic to support my music. My music production is unparalleled and I am trying my best. ”

Commenting on his new album and his new album Jbwaiaims, he said, “I went to Cameroon recently for three months to reunite with my loved ones by going on a campaign tour, group show, programs, collaborations, and teams thanking the fans. I believe there is only one way to bring my music downtown; very important.

“When I was in Cameroon, I collaborated with some artists at home like Ko-con on the remix of Busy Ara that was released last week. I worked with Gasha (Cameroon) and Waje on the track to be with on the upcoming EP. I look forward to further regional and international cooperation. That will help us to share and access each other, which will be useful on both sides. ”

The artist, whose albums include songs such as Ona, Holiday, Imani, and Busy Body, also emphasized his frustration with the differences between Cameroonian and international artists. He said, “It is surprising that the Cameroonian sports department does not give athletes from the country the same level of status and authority as those in their home country.

“Foreign actors are called‘ Foreign Actors ’and that has a negative impact on the performance of certain actors. I believe that every actor born and raised in Cameroon is a Cameroonian actor. It doesn’t matter if this actor is based elsewhere in the current country. Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. ”


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