Why I founded Nina Empire –Nina Ivy

Why I founded Nina Empire –Nina Ivy-Nina Onyenobi, aka Nina Ivy, has said that she has always been an entrepreneur at heart and founded her hair brand, Nina Empire, because she could not look to work for everyone.

He said, “When I appeared in Big Brother Naija, I wanted more from life. I want to be an entrepreneur, instead of finding a job. I imagined what I wanted and made it happen. Over the years, I have worked day and night to improve my skills. I come from a hard-working family but I take pride in my roots. I was taught how to keep my mind focused and keep looking high.

“I did my hair three years ago. I grew up knowing that I wanted to do business in the hair and beauty industry. At 16, I learned how to make wigs of different types, including woven ones. At 18, I wore the same type of hair color to college. At the time, the only way available was a large keratin glue bond and very fine hair. After wearing the hairstyle for a while, I decided to create my own brand. I started by starting to print 14 hairs in one length and I have gone for more than 100 blends, hair extensions in addition. I tested hair on every hair type for several weeks before it reached the market to ensure that this level was unmatched in height. ”

The entrepreneur also said that he is very interested in giving real women’s hair. He said: “This is one of the best races in the world. While we are in Nigeria and the United States of America, our online customers are stretching very low.

“We make sure all customers get the hair they want. To fill the current gap and take care of the needs of many women, I started doing research and experimenting with hairstyles until I got the perfect look. ”


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