Babatunde Fashola advocates redesign of medical school infrastructure

Babatunde Fashola advocates redesign of medical school infrastructure – The Minister of Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, has approved the renovation and renovation of hospital facilities in the country.

Fashola made observations while presenting a public book, entitled, ‘Health Education in Nigeria: Challenges of Nuclear Weapons,’ and Felix Oladejo Dosekun VIII taught at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos on Thursday .

The minister said the reforms would help provide better health care in Nigeria.

Fashola, who is a guest lecturer, said, “We need to ask ourselves how we can replace and reverse the damage to health school. Regardless of the quality of the material, if people do not use it properly it will not last long.

He said, “Our focus is on restructuring medical schools to improve public health and prevention, especially where outbreaks occur due to outbreaks of diseases or proteins. We need to have different approaches on how to prevent or reduce damage or damage to health devices.

“The Federal Ministry of Labor has been involved in the road network that has led to primary schools in Nigeria. In addition, some federal and local secretaries, departments and agencies have been restructured. It should be noted that the device is damaged; it is a fact that must be corrected. So it is not a challenge but it is the foundation of our lives. ”

The Lagos State Governor has previously asked seniors of the medical college to assist in the rehabilitation of the medical school.
The president of the college, Professor Adewale Oke, said the college has made great strides in conducting medical and clinical research studies to support Dosekun’s legacy.

Dosekun is a former vice chancellor, School of Medical Sciences; Vice-Chancellor of the University and First Professor at the University of Lagos.


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