Full time courses

For most of our undergraduate courses, you must apply through UCAS. In addition to providing your personal information, academic qualifications and professional career, this is a great way to prove your skills, qualities and passion for the subject you want to study.

You don’t have to fill out your application in one sitting. After registering with UCAS, you can save your progress and log in again at any time.

Use our Institution Code H72 and for Medicines (HYMS) H75.

Part-time courses

The following courses are available for part-time study.

When to apply

Apply through UCAS. We recommend applications before the UCAS January date, but we usually consider later applications for most courses. Please note, however, that obstetrics and the pediatric clinic may be closed at this time.

For medicine, applications must reach UCAS by October 15 of the year before the course starts.

To gain access to the university, you must have met all of the conditions of your offer by August 31st.

UCAS extra
If you have used all five UCAS options and have not received any offers, you can use UCAS Extra to make an additional selection *. UCAS Extra is available from late February to June 30th. The UCAS website provides the latest information, including available programs.

* You are unlikely to receive an offer if you reapply to the same department through UCAS Extra.

To apply for any of our part-time courses, you must complete a part-time application form and return it to the University of Hull, Admissions Service, Venn Building, Cottingham Road, Hull, HU6 7RX.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to

Learning and Teaching (Primary Education) (Supplement)
As the application process for this part-time course is different, please request an application package at

Cleaning and summer treatments
Compensation is available from July to September each year.

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During the remuneration, you can apply for courses with remaining places. You can use compensation if:

Apply after June 30th
I haven’t received any offers (or offers that you want to accept).
You did not meet the terms of your offer
You can find more information about compensation on the UCAS website.

Make sure to check out our course pages between July and September to see the remaining locations.

After you applied

If you submitted your application through UCAS, you can check the progress of your application through UCAS Track. You can do this after you have received your welcome email. You can find more information about Track and how to register for Track on the UCAS website.

After your application, watch for a notification to learn about the progress of your application. There are different types of offers that you can receive from us.

Conditional offer
When you receive a conditional offer from us, this is great news! For most people, this means waiting for results day to see if your exam results meet the terms of the offer. Conditional offers are generally offered in the form of UCAS Total Fare Points.

If you request a late entry, you must still fulfill all the conditions of the offer before August 31, unless it has been agreed with us beforehand. If you have winter exams at the beginning of the year, you may be given earlier dates to meet your conditions.

Unconditional offer
If you receive an unconditional offer from us, congratulations! This means that you have met the entry requirements and secured your spot. You will need to recheck the list to see if there is anything left to do. This can take the form of a DBS exam that provides your qualifying test or meets financial / medical requirements.

Failed or withdrawn decisions
A withdrawn application means that you or we withdraw the selection from the course; the reason will be displayed on UCAS Track.

A failed application means that you have not been offered a place. If you do not receive feedback on UCAS, you can contact us regarding the decision.

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Application days
If you have applied to Hull and received an offer, you will receive an invitation for an Applicant Day. It is a great opportunity to learn more about your course in detail. You will be able to speak with current teachers, lecturers and students as well as tour all the facilities, laboratories and classrooms.

To help you make an informed decision about your studies, we offer scholarships for day trips to the applicant if they live more than 20 miles from campus.

Respond to your offer
Once you have received all of your decisions, you can log into UCAS Track to reply.

Solid acceptance
If you have an unconditional offer from us and make your choice for us, you have secured your place with us. If you have a conditional offer, the place is yours if you meet the terms of your offer.

Insurance acceptance
An insurance decision is usually an offer with lower entry requirements as a backup if it does not meet the conditions of your fixed choice. You will only participate in your insurance choice if you do not meet the requirements of your company, but instead meet the conditions of your insurance.

Make sure you are satisfied with both options as you will have to decline all other offers.

What to do on the day of the result
Log in to UCAS Track to view the decision and see if it has been accepted. Even if you don’t get the results you expected, you may be offered a seat. So try not to panic. If there are no decisions, give us a call and we can give you more information.

If you haven’t been able to get a spot, you can check the compensation to see what courses are still available.

Part-time courses
Once you have submitted your application, we will get in touch with the next steps in the process. You may be invited to participate in an interview, this can be done over the phone or in person on campus. You may be required to provide proof of qualifications in your application and once your application has been processed you will receive detailed information on any additional requirements.

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