Admission into University of Leicester 2021

Admission into University of Leicester 2021

Are you planning to start your studies in 2021 but haven’t applied anywhere yet, or maybe you’ve applied but still accept their offer? Well, it’s not too late. If you start a new application, you have until July 5 to apply. If you already have a college offer, you have until June 18 to accept it.

New applications

If you don’t have your results yet, simply apply through UCAS Extra. If you already have your qualifications, you can apply directly to us. Attend our next Virtual Open Day festival to decide.

Holder of the offer with us

If you already have an offer to study with us this September, visit our offer headline pages where you can find all the information you need, including lectures from the subject area you selected and information about our next live chat for the day of the digital offer. . owner.

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Professional Development Service

From your first year, our professional development service will work with you to help you find the right direction and gain the skills you need so that when you put your hat on and get dressed, you are ready for what is to come.

The work we put into preparing our graduates for employment recently won two awards: from AGCAS and TargetJobs.

The Professional Development Service works closely with your department to provide a specific service in each course. This ensures that you receive appropriate advice and support for your own interests and goals; It is not “one size fits all”. You have access to a variety of workshops and individual meetings with our specialized advisers.

The service works with all of our students, whether you are just graduating from college or a senior looking to change or advance their career.

Employability at Leicester City

From the moment you arrive at the University of Leicester, we want to ensure that you have everything you need for your future career. Not just your degree, but the skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence to distinguish yourself everywhere.

You have three, maybe four years to put all of this together and our professional development service will be by your side every step of the way.

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You may have planned your future in detail, or you may not currently have a clear idea of where you want to go after graduation. Or you may have a good idea of your goal now, but you will change your mind as you explore new areas and ideas in your course.

Regardless of your plans and how they change, the Professional Development Service and its department will work with you to provide dedicated and personalized advice, support and guidance that meets your needs.

Funding sources for International Students

International students should note that some of the following funding options are not available to students outside of the UK or the EU. You may want to check if there are scholarships available in your own country, either from the government or from other organizations.

Employer sponsorship

Distance learning gives employers a clear signal that you are committed to developing your skills and knowledge. Your employer may be willing to fund all or part of your course if you can demonstrate the key benefits to your business:

Distance learning allows you to develop your skills without having to dedicate time to work
You can apply your new skills to your roles immediately
The skills you will develop include: solving complex problems; Communication skills; creative and strategic thinking; Time management; and decision making.
There are many different ways your employer can provide assistance, from paying all or part of tuition to offering additional study time or vacation days. The form to be completed by your sponsor and other information can be found on our tax office website. If you are seeking or have received sponsorship from your employer, please indicate this on your application.

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ELCAS funding for members of the British Armed Forces

If you are a current or former member of the UK Armed Forces, you may be eligible for ELCAS funding. We are a recognized provider of the Department of Defense Enhanced Learning Credit Program (ELCAS) for Armed Forces Personnel, and all of our distance learning courses are available through this program.

Check the website for more information or contact your education official. If you are seeking or have received funding from ELCAS, please indicate this on your application.

Tuition loans
All part-time UK undergraduate college students can apply for a first-time, government-backed, resource-verified tuition loan to cover the cost of tuition. Please note that part-time distance students are not eligible for the maintenance loan.

Future Finance Student Loans
Future Finance offers students the opportunity to apply for a loan of up to £ 40,000.

* Please note that the information provided on the University of Leicester website does not constitute, and should not be construed, advice, recommendation or recommendation with respect to any credit product. You should always ensure that a particular loan product is right for you, and seek independent professional advice if necessary. The University of Leicester accepts no responsibility for the content of external third party websites to which it provides hyperlinks. The third party website provider is responsible for the accuracy of the content and information it provides on its website.

International financing (outside the EU)
If you live outside the EU, contact your government’s Department of Education for details on grants or loans. The British Council, the UK’s international education and culture organization, has offices in 110 countries and can advise on funding sources. For more information, see the UK Education Scholarships section.

There are also a number of charities and foundations that you may want to contact regarding funding. Some notable foundations are the Aga Khan Foundation, the African Educational Trust, and the Said Foundation.

USA students
For American students, distance learning programs abroad can no longer be financed with federal loans or VA (Veterans Association) funds. Students can apply for loans from a private provider. One of the biggest is SallieMae, and some of our past and current students have used this route. Of course, there are many other private education loan providers. Private loan companies generally require the education provider to issue a Federal School Code: The University of Leicester code is G22291.

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