Absence of leadership responsible for factions in A’Ibom APC – Stakeholders Says

Absence of leadership responsible for factions in A’Ibom APC – Stakeholder – Buddy Athanasius was Completed, the participant in Progressives Congress, APC, Akwa Ibom State chapter, the accused factions in the party’s absence from the leader in the country.

Yesterday released a statement in Uyo-in, responding to new differences in the party about the meeting of stakeholders convened by the head of the party, the captain of the group I Evang (retd) 28. march 2021. years, who received an official confirmation from the minister of the Delta of the Niger, senator Godsville Akpabio as head of the party. He discovered that a bad picnic fixed vehicle in the state since 2014. year as a result of the remaining battles between key stakeholders throughout the leading vehicles in Aqua Ibomeu to frakcionirane parties in more than two groups. He emphasized that it is necessary to prevent the recurrence 2023.

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The year of which resulted in Evangom who asked Bogsvillea Akpabija to return to earth and take responsibility, which is illegal to lie down on him, as the state’s governor belonged to opozicijskoj the national Democratic party (July). “It’s a shame that college is a series in different groups, because there is no leadership . So, what we’re talking about the leader is the only way in which members of those parties can gather. “And I Evang I’ve been watching and the whole time I’m complaining at all interests, we should all gather; if you don’t gather on the ship, win the elections in 2023. Besides, if the party comes to power in the state by 2023. year, the party will be dead. – Evang promised to do everything to this party was far ahead of 2023. And I think now I’ve got something in mind that I can’t confirm. We know him. Determined, I don’t mind him an insult. – But it’s a coincidence that no one thinks outside the box.

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By God’s grace we’re trying to ensure that those people who are willing to think outside the box to surrender to the one who will think for them. And that is why it is God’s will Akpabio officially approved by the head.”Completed reminded that when I Evang after meeting with Akpabioom in Abuji and contacted All the key participants, senator John Akpanudoedehe, Umana Umana and ita Enang informed them about meeting the interests of and promote the Akpabio as head of the party. He said that, although they share accepted the excuses they’ll be busy for the official participation, we all welcomed the development of the event and they wanted to have time to attend. “So, based on that, Evang is now said on the condition of the president ship of Dr.J. Ita Udosen, in my presence, he booked the place for a date and even got a refund for that place. And when you come back, the master said that it shouldn’t be like that. “Now they’re mad and talk with the both sides of your mouth, it’s very sad. And of course, it cannot continue. We need the leader of the party, leader or governor or who will be the next Governor.

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And there was no other person except Godsvillea Akpabije. Well, Evan is not imposed Akpabijeve people, so it was agreed. I heard that he wrote a letter to the awards, but while I was in contact with him up until that point, he said he never saw the letter. Nothing broke in the Constitution. “It will be very ready to respond to their letter, if it comes at the end. If it’s a letter so stupid as it seems, won’t respect you, but if he’s sensible, he’ll be ready to respect him, but I don’t participate in it,” he said.

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